• Bark Mulch, Loam & Compost •

Mulch, loam and our own compost (made on-site) are available for pick-up or delivery. Our local pine-hemlock mix mulch saves water, keeps weeds down and protects your plants during the winter.

Call for delivery rates and schedule 603-428-6161.
Typically, we deliver within a 20-mile radius of Henniker, NH.

You will need an 8" to 12" thick layer of our loam and compost mix to start an annual, perennial or vegetable garden.

EXAMPLE: A 10x10 garden will take 1 yard of bark for a 3" layer.
If you are unsure how much you need, give us a call.

SUSTAINABILITY NOTE: All of our clippings from our plants etc. are added to our compost pile.  We accept all leaves and grass clippings from homeowners and landscapers.  We in turn create our compost with this.

Download "Your Guide to Planting and Mulching Trees & Shrubs" by UNH Cooperative Extension.

New Hampshire bark mulch