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We carry a large variety of Plant Pots from terra-cotta to beautiful glazed pieces in our Pottery House. You will find whimsical pots to extra-large display pots. Our Pottery House is located right next door to our Garden Shop.

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Terra Cotta Pots

There are a number of advantages to using terra cotta for your plant pot. Clay is completely natural. It's porous so it's nearly impossible to overwater your plants. Clay also tends to protect above-ground root systems from extremes in temperature.

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Glazed Pots

Glazed pots are prominent in Japanese and indoor gardens because of their beauty. They come in different shapes and colors and are perfect for windowsill herb gardens. They are not porous like terra cotta pots so must be fitted with holes to ensure proper drainage.

Pottery Selection

If you want an outdoor container garden, you need sturdier and more durable pots that can withstand the elements. For indoor container gardening, you may want to choose ornamental pots. Make sure the pot you select is large enough to accomodate root growth. A larger pot or container holds moisture longer and also provides more space for the plants' roots. The healthier the root system, the healthier your plants will be.

Use fresh, top quality soil mix or potting mix formulated for container plants. Select flowers and plants suited to the light conditions where the container will be placed. Water as needed to keep the soil slightly moist. Fertilize your plants and flowers regularly. Container plants can also benefit from an occasional top dressing of good quality compost.

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